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1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Front Suspension Refresh - In-Situ Project

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As with every In-Situ step, the first thing to do is research how things are on the car. This way you can determine what needs to be repaired, replaced and corrected. When we first drove this car, and during later subsequent drives, it was pretty obvious that the suspension needed some TLC. It bumped, jumped, rattled and shook as it went down the road. So now, it's time to lift the bonnet and figure out why!

So, the first thing we need to do is get the tire off to see what interesting things we'll find behind it!

Here you can see the center plastic section and the lug nuts that have been removed. This one happens to be in the best shape of the lot. I think we'll have to add new decals, cleaning and a paint job for these to the list of things to do on the car

Now it's time to pull off the tire and rim. You'll note that someone has painted these rims chrome colored at some point. It looks good from a distance, but not too perfect up close.

Here we can see the wheel hub, rotor and caliper. Not necessarily part of today's review, but it's always a good idea to check things over.

This close-up of the wheel hub cover is important. See the small hole in the center of the cover? We'll eventually need to thread a screw through there to get that dust cover off.

First thing we note is that the Tie-rod end is toast. So there's our first item on the "to buy" list

Here's a close-up of the upper ball joint. It's in a similar strait.

The trunnion is tired and will need to be replaced. The shocks look original, so they will be replaced.

The sway bar ends are worn like the rest of the suspension parts. These will be added to the list.

Here you can see the control arm bushing. All of these bushings were replaced by the PO. So, they will not have to be removed and replaced.

There has been some "creative" repair work on the sway bar mounts for this vehicle. The rubber in the mounts is good and as everything appears solid, we're not going to go through and repair any of this.

So, now that we've gone over the car and checked out all of the front suspension parts it's a matter of putting in an order for the parts and waiting anxiously until they arrive in the post. :) I found that I got really good prices on parts from Spit Bits

Research (Page 1) Restoration (Page 2)

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