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1981 Triumph TR8

In-Situ Restoration

So I was suffering from a serious case of hankering. I'd been progressively relegated by the wife to driving, at the end, a 1995 Honda Accord with no air conditioning. It was just too far until my Jensen Healey project was scheduled to be done. I needed something proper to drive!

A month's worth of searching resulted in this great 1981 TR8 find!

This car is now my daily driver. So, the baisc intent is to only do what's necessary to keep the car running correctly and in a usable state. Aside from initial shakedown work to be done, I'll be adding Air Conditioning to this vehicle.

Project Outcomes

Item number one is a good quality daily driver. This means fixing the necesary bits and no more. It also means adding A/C.

The Project to date

At present we're just getting into the car. Since it's had a lot of modifications much of the initial work is documenting those. Additionally, we're presently working on getting the vehicle through emissions and catching up on maintenance that needs to be performed.

Restoration Articles

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All references to They Might Be Giants are fan references only. John & John I hope you don't mind! And if you're ever in Phoenix stop by for a visit!

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