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Restoration Methods

So, there are really two methods for restoration and to a certain extent they follow the same overall process. I define these as In-Situ Restoration and Frame-Off restoration.

In-Situ Restoration (or Rolling Restoration) assumes a working driveable vehicle. The basic premise behind this method is that for any given reason you do not have the ability or desire to completely take the vehicle off the road for an extended period of time. This method allows you to incrementally restore the vehicle on a component system basis while ensuring that you maintain driveability. I always think of this in terms of my first car. It was a beater and was always breaking. I needed it daily to get to work. So any time that a repair was done I had to ensure I planned it well enough that at the end of the day I would be able to drive it.

When to choose the In-Situ method:

  • You need/want the vehicle to drive.
  • You lack the appropriate space to have the vehicle disassembled.
  • The vehicle does not require extensive body work / rust repair

Monk says, "You may think that you can do a perfect restoration this way, but reality dictates that you may have to change your tune when engine rebuilding and painting need to be tackled."

Frame-Off Restoration assumes nothing. The vehicle may be in any condition from running to complete basket case. In doing a frame off restoration you have the time to take the vehicle off the road for an indefinite amount of time. This is really the preferred method as there are segments of the restoration process that are extremely difficult or near impossible to do in the In-Situ method.

When to choose the Frame-Off Restoration method:

  • The vehicle has no chance of running without full restoration.
  • The vehicle has significant body / rust damage
  • You have the time and space
  • You want to perform the highest quality process

On to Finding your project.

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