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Sandblasting (Media Blasting) Shop Tech

Modifications for Media BlastingCabinets

While rearranging the shop today I decided to finally make some long needed improvements to my media blasting cabinet. Specifically, I wanted to add lighting, install a permanent compressor hookup, and add an air filtration hookup for connecting my shop vacuum.

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On the left is the 2" air inlet for the blasting cabinet. On the right is a 2" coupling for my shop vac. As they are both the same diameter they won't readily go together. This means we'll have to make some modifications to create our own coupling.

First order of business was to cut the 2" tubing section off of the backing plate. My coping saw was handy, so I cut through with that. Next the cut needed to be smoothed a bit, and the mating point on the vacuum coupling needed to be roughed up. The goal is to mate the two pieces.

I keep massive quantities of JB Weld on hand inthe shop. You'll never know where it'll come in handy.

Here you see the two pieces mated with JB Weld that is presently curing/drying. If you'll note on the lid where the unused JB Wel sits there is a screw. A trick I learned a long time ago was that if you wanted to apply an even coat/depth of JB Weld, pick a screw with a thread depth about what is needed, and use the screw to lay it down.

The hose on my shop vac was the worse for wear, so I opted to buy a new one. I plan on using the old hose as the full time hookup for the vacuum connection. To ensure that it doesnt come off due to pressure bursts and the like I've installed a clamp on the end of the hose. This will then be tightend down on the new assembly.

While waiting for the JB Weld to finish doing it's thing I opted to start installing the lighting. As you can see from the photo that it's a generic compact flourescent that I picked up from the hardware store (post script: After blasting for an hourish I had to remove the light and bypass the switch. While the light works fine the switch just wasn't intented to survive in this type of environment).

The screws that came with the lamp were pretty pathetic, and I wanted to be able to easily remove the lamp. Due to this I opted to use a pair of bolts/nuts. Here you see the lamp ready for installation. Ive predrilled the holes for the bolts to feed through.

To deal with the electrical wiring I modified the big plug on the left hand side of the box. I put a slit/drillout into this plug so that it snugly fits round the power cord. I then reinstered the plug into the blasting cabinet.

While I was messing around with the plugs on the box I went ahead and added a new airline entering the back of the unit (there was a hole & rubber ring in place for doing this). I then threaded a quick coupling on the end inside the box that would hook up to the siphon feed sandblasting gun. On the end outisde of the cabinet I put the correct fitting to snap into the quick release on my main airline.

Here you can see the blast cabinet with the new light installed. Note that the front glass is missing. I figured that while i was at it I would remove the glass for cleaning and application of a new protective plastic sheet on the interior.

Now the JB Weld has dried and you can see the modified connector.

The next step is to screw it back into place on the Media Cabinet. Mke sure that it seats/seals correctly or you'll have dust and debris shooting out of the side of the box the next time you use it.

Now clamp down the vacuum line onto the connector. The other end of the line should still have the normal connecor to hook to your shop vac.

Finally, I inserted some loose steel wool into the vacuum connector to serve as a large grained filter.

With these simple modifications I promise you'll rapidly realize the benefits in terms fo cleanliness and improved visibility.

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