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2009 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Car Auction

January 11 - 18, 2009

Scottsdale, Arizona

Now, this auction has become the winter car event to attend in Phoenix, Arizona. Quite simply there are cars that you see at Barrett-Jackson that you would never see elsewhere. This year was particularly interesting because of the significant number of vehicles being auctioned off from the GM Heritage collection. There were enough of them that they had an entire tent (1 of 5 total tents) devoted to those vehicles.

The weather has been beautiful this year and it was very enjoyable walking through the collection of cars. It looks like I'll actually mak it out there twice this year as the wife really wants to go and look at the cars. My first day total of photographs exceeded 700, and I'll bet the second day will be even more! As I get the photos sorted and organized I will post them here!

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