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Myreton Motor Museum

Just west of North Berwick, Scotland

My wife and I recently got to finally take our honeymoon (only 3 years after getting married!). We visited Scotland for a week and stayed in the lovely town of North Berwick, directly on the sea, just outside Edinburgh. This was my first opportunity to drive on the "right" side of the road. To make the most of it, we opted to rent a 5-speed. After visiting the Kerr Clan castle down in Jedburgh, we were driving back, taking the scenic route when, in the middle of nowhere my wife spotted a "Motoring Museum" sign. It was too late in the day to do much other than speed by.

On our last day of vacation we visited Dirleton castle, and on the way back to the hotel spotted the Museum sign. We folled the signs, leaving the A198 and headed off onto the *very small* B roads. After a few miles we pulled up to the Myreton Motor Musem. While it looks like little more than cow sheds from the outside we were very pleased to find a neat little collection of eclectic cars. And we even noted thast the rest of the buildings are all chock full of unrestored vehicles.

Here are the photos we took of the Myreton Motor Museum Collection.

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