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Wheels of Britain (annual event)

March 2nd, 2008.

Heritage Square, Phoenix, Arizona

So, we determined a great method for attending car shows that allows the whole family to enjoy things while also giving me the time to do the nerdy photo taking that I always want to do. SWMBO, the munchkin and I wandered the show for an hour looking at everything. Afterwards they took off to do girly things while I stayed and shot photos to my heart's content (525 photos total, egads!).

My restoration list expanded as my better half decided that she really needs an Austin Healey 3000, Jaguar XK-150, and Morris Minor 1000 convertible to drive. At least one of the three won't cost me an arm and a leg to obtain and restore (only an arm for the Morris Minor).

Because of the excessive volume of photos I decided to organize them by make so that it would be easier for folks to deal with (plus then you don't have to sort through 500+ pictures to find the one you really want). Sadly, I pooped out long before I got to see everything, so I pretty much missed 1/2 of the Triumphs, most of the Deloreans, and all of the Mini's. I'll have to get them first next time.

There were two Jensen Interceptors at the show this year.
Austin Healey
A collection of 3000's, a 100 or two and a single frog-eye Sprite
An XK-150 and a row of E-Types
Beautiful TR3's, 4's, 6's, and 250's. Also, my favorite "modern" Triumph: a GT6+.
An Elite, Elan, Cortina, and Sprint. Also there were some rare goodies: an Europa, Super Seven, and a Formula car.
Morgans are just a perfect example of not messing with a good thing. These were all Morgan Plus Fours.
MGs were easily the best represented Marque at the show. Because of the volume of photos I've opted to separate the photos into two groups.The T-Series cars and the later MG cars.
MG T-Series
MG TA, MG TC, MG TD. All Gorgeous examples!
Later MGs
MGA, MGB, Midgets
Other Marques
Delorean, AC, Anglia, Sunbeam, Morris, Citroen, Rolls Royce, Panther, and Westfield
Military Vehicles
There were two military vehicles present.
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