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Wheels of Britain (annual event)

In the Phoenix British Car lineup there are two major shows specifically geared towards this audience held annually in the Phoenix area. In the spring it's the Wheel's of Britain, in the fall it's the Annual All British and European Car Day. Both of these shows bring out beauties that normally are hidden away in garages as well as some magnificent daily drivers. From a volume perspective, there's always a huge turn out for Wheels of Britain

I spend much of my winter eagerly awaiting this show. This is frequenty where newly restored cars make their debut and a place where you will see some one of a kind cars! Every year I go out, cameras in hand, and shoot photos until I can't walk anymore. To see photos of the various years I've attended click on the year link below.

Wheels of Britain - 2009
The 2009 Event occurred on March 8th, 2009 at Heritage Square in Phoenix, Arizona.
Wheels of Britain - 2008
This was the first year that the family attended with me, it was good fun for all!
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