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Normally the advertising on this site is based in Google Adsense. So, should you have your advertising in Adsense, and it is relevant to any article on the site, then it should appear in the google advertising sections.

We will, however provide advertising for any given company providing that the company and products are relevant to the site. We will also accept items as a promotional consideration. Please be warned on this. If you send me a crap product, then I'll let people know it's a crap product.

Monk says,
"We get a lot of questions about local shops to provide services. The old man does everything himself. This means we can't often provide recommendations. If you're in the Phoenix area, let me know."
Melba says,
"Skip the good service junk and send me stuff! I prefer my parts and products packaged in dog biscuits instead of styrofoam peanuts. Anything edible would be an immediate thumbs up from me if I had thumbs."

Our Advertising Policy

  • What we will consider:
    • We will only consider advertising offers that do not request the change of our published materials
    • We will only consider advertising that is obviously displayed as advertising or carries some form of sponsored link display.
    • We will only consider advertising that is directly related to auto restoration
  • What we won't consider
    • Embedding links directly in our articles for paid links
    • Material changes to the text of our articles
    • Any form of advertising that could be determined as misleading
    • Any form of paid advertising that doesn't allow for us to identify it as such.

Finally, if you approach us for "advertising" which is really trying to scoop our google page rank, we'll do it.... but get your checkbook out because won't be cheap.

If you are interested in advertising here, please contact Jody F. Kerr ( Additionally, you can call us directly at 480-612-5671.

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