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MMD is giving Away the May 2014 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Cover Car

MMD is giving Away the May 2014 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Cover Car

Modern Muscle Design is giving everyone the chance to drive away in their SEMA built, custom 2014 Mustang GT—Project MMD.

MMD and AmericanMuscle teamed up to custom design Project MMD. Featuring over $30,000 in aftermarket parts and the sleek, modern design MMD is known for, this is a one-of-a-kind Mustang that can serve as the perfect show car or daily driver.
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The Giveaway

One person will get to drive home from the annual AmericanMuscle Car Show—the largest Mustang only car show on the planet—in their newly acquired magazine cover car—Project MMD. Not only is this Muscle Mustangs and Fast Ford’s (MM & FF) May 2014 Cover Car, it’s also the same build that was featured at Forgestar’s booth for the 2013 SEMA Auto Show. The winner will be selected on 8/4/2014 and will be handed the keys at the AmericanMuscle car show on 8/16/2014.
Video: How Project MMD was built -

The Car - SEMA 2014

Sometimes you plan out an entire build before you ever pick up a wrench—this was not how Project MMD began. This car started out as a way to showcase some of MMD’s most popular modifications, but once the opportunity to showcase a car at the 2013 SEMA Auto Show came along, the guys at MMD went back to the drawing board. They commissioned AmericanMuscle to handle the performance aspects of the car while they gave it an appearance overhaul. The end result was a successful appearance at Forgestar’s SEMA booth and a few neck snapping trips in Las Vegas and the surrounding countryside.

Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Cover Car – May 2014

Project MMD was designed and built to be a SEMA car, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fully functional street machine—the guys at MMD actually drive it around town and to shows. That’s what pegged the interest of the crew over at MM & FF and once they finally saw Project MMD in person at SEMA, they knew they were looking at a cover car.

Project MMD – Styling

What began as your run-of-the-mill 2014 Oxford White Premium GT received the perfect synergy of classically inspired styling mixed with a bold, attention demanding modern twist. The car takes inspiration from the late ‘60s Mustangs, such as the GT350 style spoiler and hood scoop. It also employs more recent aesthetics such as a matte white vinyl wrap and an adjustable air ride suspension that lets you drop the car to the ground when parked or at a show, all while still delivering the performance of coil overs. With the fog light deletes, page was taken from the BOSS 302’s playbook, along with the matte black roof decal.
Of the more modern styling, the MMD windshield and side decals offer a stark color contrast while the matte while tail light covers make for a more fluent paint scheme. The rear diffuser is an MMD prototype developed for this car and accounts well for the Ford Racing exhaust dumps.
  • 589 RWHP / 480 TQ @ 10 PSI on a Dynojet 224xLC


  • Air Lift Suspension Kit
  • The Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft
  • Vortech Supercharger System - Black
  • Snow Performance Stage 3 Boost Cooler
  • Ford Racing Boss Style H-Pipe and Side Exhaust
  • JLT Replacement Air Box Intake - Blow Through Supercharger
  • The Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber One Piece Driveshaft
  • MMD 551C 20 Inch Staggered Wheels
  • Matte Black Boss Style Roof Decal
  • MMD GT350 Style Window Covers - Pre-Painted
  • MMD Hood Scoop - Pre-painted
  • MMD Headlight Splitters - Pre-Painted
  • MMD Ducktail Spoiler - Pre-painted
  • Carbon Fiber Dash Overlay Kit
  • MMD Retro Mirrors - Unpainted
  • MMD Side Scoops - Pre-painted
  • MMD Tail Light Trim - Pre-Painted
  • MMD Boss Style Fog Light Deletes
  • MMD Satellite Radio/GPS Antenna Cover - Pre-painted
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Making Space in the Shop - Bare Triumph Dolomite Sprint Head FS - SOLD!

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Night time driving

So I do a lot of nighttime driving, particularly on road trips. recently I drove from Phoenix to Seattle and back (3,000 mile round trip). I suffer from glare and fatigue issues and night, and have been searching for a good pair of glasses. I found these on Amazon and I have to say they work great!

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Hurricane Sandy Cars

As we saw with Katrina and other storms, there's a rather sketchy market out there scrubbing car titles and reselling salvaged classic cars that were ruined during Hurricane Sandy last year. We've seen some MGs and other marques popping up on EBay in the past weeks.

So right now, if the price sounds too good, please be careful. A tell tale sign is cars with New Hampshire titles. It's relatively easy to scrub a title in NH. Ask for ownership information, and history on the car. Since many of our cars do not have the modern long VIN # you won't be able to look them up via one of the Vin Check websites.

As with buying anything in this world, caveat emptor. If the price sounds too good then you should be very skeptical.
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